Smart technologies drive sustainable development in UAE, say experts

Smart technologies drive sustainable development in UAE, say experts

The demand for multi-disciplinary smart and intelligent solutions has increased significantly in the UAE’s industrial and commercial sectors, with seamless integration of energy, automation and information technologies, industry experts say.

Mr. Esam Al Mazroei, Managing Director of Bahri & Mazroei Group, states that smart technologies to facilitate infra-development sector meet the necessity to improve economic competitiveness, environmental viability and quality of life. Everything we see and use is being connected by innovative technologies.

Bahri & Mazroei Technical Systems (BMTS), UAE’s leading systems’ integrator under Bahri & Mazroei Group, successfully participated in the recently conducted Robotic Technology Exhibition (RTEX) in Dubai. The first-of-its-kind event in the MENA region showcased the latest innovations in robotics and automation. BMTS was part of the home and building automation section along with exhibitors from other countries such as USA, Switzerland and Portugal. BMTS promoted its state-of-the-art smart automation solutions for homes and buildings, enterprises, industries and transportation.

“Participating in the RTEX was an opportunity for us to meet and network with experts in this niche field as well as discover new opportunities. As an organization dedicated to innovation in building automation, our aim is to add value and safety to everyday life. BMTS aims to be at the forefront of providing modern technology as a total solution to living spaces,” Mr. Esam said.

“BMTS has partnered with global providers to drive smart city solutions in the region. There is a technology-driven shift towards a smart and connected future, especially in the infra-development sector. The UAE is already at the heart of this transformation, making the most of these evolving opportunities and leading the market in providing managed services for many projects,” he added.

Mr. Sivakumar Subramanian, General Manager of BMTS, said, “Being one of the leading providers of turnkey and facility management solutions in the UAE, BMTS implements a range of innovative and smart systems for monitoring and controlling buildings. We have successfully implemented safety/security systems, building automation, access control, communication and integrated audio visual and digital convergence solutions for numerous projects in the UAE across all sectors. The industry is witnessing a phenomenal transformation with the emergence of innovative and smart solutions combining energy, automation, communication and information technologies.”

“BMTS, by combining these technologies with its expertise in this niche sector, provides end-to-end solutions to a range of smart projects — including residential and commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, energy projects, education facilities, governmental and transportation projects. BMTS has been a pioneer in providing broad range of technologically reliable solutions in safety, security, energy and automation to commercial, hospitality, and infrastructure sectors by leveraging the innovative technologies and sector specific adaptation. This enables a green and optimized solution in terms of capital and operational expenditures. With the ever-increasing growth of industrial sectors and service requirement in other areas, the adoption of robotic technologies across industries, home and commercial markets are expected to increase in the coming years,” he added.

“This is because robots deliver better quality products and services more efficiently, with less wastage of resources and ensuring more safely; thereby reducing the operational costs, and increasing production output and functional benefits. The introduction of professional and service robots in diverse domains such as residential, commercial and industrial sectors is an area where BMTS is fully positioned to serve the future market due to its core competence and knowledge in the automation domain,” Mr. Subramanian further said.

BMTS is the market leader in the UAE in providing a wide range of high-quality value-added technical solutions within the range of engineering, integration and maintenance services to technically-superior buildings and infrastructure in all sectors. The company has diverse expertise in providing cutting-edge technological solutions in the areas of safety, security, energy and automation for different business models.