Business Ethics

By inculcating ethics, honesty and integrity into all of our business decisions, we actually bring value to our partners and clients. We’ve been solicited by clients to work for them, as a consequence.

We advocate being honest, direct and truthful in discussions with regulatory agency representatives and government officials.

BMTS is committed to maintaining and championing a culture where ethics, integrity, and compliance are paramount considerations in all of its decisions. It is critical that BMTS employees, clients, and stakeholders raise concerns and questions about perceived or actual violations of law, regulations, rules, and policies so that they may be reviewed and resolved.

There are federal and local rules, there are rules for the private clients and different rules that apply internationally. It’s very difficult for a good professional to do his or her work and be familiar with all of those rules. We clearly understand that not knowing the rules doesn’t excuse our actions and so ensure that we are aware all the time.

We encourage our employees and partners to embrace this commitment to ethics and transparency.