Our Assets

BMTS stays inherently resilient, by maintaining a culture of timely innovation and pro-active risk management. We confront changing business environments by appropriately managing location, structure, funding, operations and strategy. While size do matter, what we really ensure is to retain the ability to be agile as new trading opportunities arise. This is why, over the years, BMTS has evolved by increasingly embedding all along the building engineering and maintainance chain.

Maintaining the trust of stakeholders has been a major ideology at the very foundations of our business activities.


  • We strive for excellence in personal development, operational execution, health and safety, business ethics.
  • A culture of openness, flexibility, diversity and inclusiveness helps to attract top performers and nurture our employees.
  • A Group-wide staff development program aims to bring a culture of leadership to every level of the organization

IT Assets

  • IT investments are core to our business success.
  • We are powered by “SAP ERP” for optimizing the enterprise resources
  • Employs CRM, EDMS , Service Helpdesk for efficiency and performance

Delivery & Experience Center

  • State of the art experience center
  • Centralized control and monitoring center
  • Development and testing facilities


  • For us, sustainability is about balancing economic success, resource consumption, environmental stewardship and social progress.

With this in mind, we are gearing up to build a corporate climate that is “open, fair and clear,” accepting differing values and embracing diversity.