Our Value Proposition

BMTS is committed to integrity and compliance in everything we do. As part of that commitment, BMTS expects its suppliers to ensure that they provide their employees a safe working environment, that they treat their workers with dignity and respect, that they engage in environmentally sound and sustainable manufacturing processes, and that they comply with the law in all countries in which they conduct business. We are adding value towards a sustainable future in the Middle East

Maintaining the trust of stakeholders has been a major ideology at the very foundations of our business activities.

Improve Performance

Our products, solutions and services help to improve our customers’ operating performance, enhancing reliability and efficiency

Full Solution Provider

We are a single-source supplier of complete solutions. The products, systems and solutions in our portfolio bridge the gap between  control, operational and information technology.

Smart Solutions

With an increasing number of “smart” technologies already in use and multiple sectors domain expertise, we are the natural partner for the stepwise implementation of smart solutions.

Investment Protection

Our solutions are compatible with state-of-the-art and legacy technologies, offering step-wise improvements or whole-system upgrades. Using best of breed products. Reducing CAPEX/OPEX

Partnership Approach

We aim to be the trusted and preferred partner for our customers, supporting projects from the planning stages, through supply, installation and training, to after-sales service.

With this in mind, we are gearing up to build a corporate climate that is “open, fair and clear,” accepting differing values and embracing diversity.